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Deleted factory settings recovery on C: and got error message when reinstalling Win 7


I deleted the Factory Settings Recovery on C: (~ 7 GB or so), and now I want to create a recovery media. I want to reinstall Windows 7 on my system after using the machine for years.


I always receive an error message window while trying to make such a disc.


"The files required by this program cannot be found"


Do you know how to fix this issue and create a factory settings recovery disc?


If you deleted the recovery partition then you deleted the files needed to create the recovery media.


As a result of this, without the required files you are not going to be able to creat the recovery media on that machine.


Users can get hold of a Windows 7 DVD or order the recovery media from Lenovo.


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Amygdale On 2014-04-15, 3:58 AM

I have a similar problem, however I think this answer does not apply to my case. 


I created a recovery DVD a couple months ago and reinstalled Windows 7 without any problem. 


Now, I try to do the same operation, but for some reason, when I get to the recovery menu and I press the command to reinstall Windows on the C directory, it does not recognise the recovery disc. I get a message box saying "insert disc in DVD drive (I think it's E:)", wich I didn't got before, and putting back the same disc again, I get a "not proper disc" message. 


I just wonder why it worked like 3 months ago and doesn't work anymore.




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