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Re: Display Twitches/NVIDIA Kernel Mode Crash

It's not just Flash -- I just had it happen to me when playing DXVA-decoded videos in Media Player Classic.


I figured that if it was a hardware problem it wouldn't be constrained to Flash only, so I enabled DXVA in MPC. I had tried this previously, but after getting nothing for ~30 minutes I abandoned the idea. This time I was first playing multiple videos at the same time and it happened once in a ~10 minute span, and then maybe a little more frequently when I tried playing Flash-videos simultaneously as well. 


So it  definitely seems like an issue with either the video-drivers or the card itself. It's at least not a Flash problem, but rather a hardware-accelerated video-decoding issue.


Edit: This was while running the newest Verde drivers from Nvidia (275.33).


Edit 2: Note that it happens WAY less frequently with DXVA than Flash. I'm open to suggestions on how one could "provoke" it to happen more often. (As of now it'd be hard to demonstrate reliably for instance.) I'm using ffdshow's DXVA decoder.


Edit 3: DXVA Checker ( shows that Flash is using DXVA to do it's video decoding.

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