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Display on external screen only with laptop screen opened.


Is it possible to set the laptop to display on external screen only with the laptop screen opened even before booting into Windows?


Set the settings in BIOS.


1. Boot into BIOS by Pressing F1 during the initial laptop bootup (when you see the Thinkpad and intel logo)


2. Once in you are in the BIOS menu select 'Config'


3. Select 'Display' Option



4. Select 'Boot Display Device' and press ENTER key


5. Select VGA or Displayport option depending on which port your external monitor is connected to.



6. Press F10 key to save and Exit BIOS.

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dbowman410 On 2011-01-12, 17:23 PM

How can I get my T510 to boot when docked using an external display attached to the docking station??


When I navigate to the BIOS area mentioned above I get these three options:

ThinkPad LCD

Analog (VGA)

Digital on ThinkPad

But they do not make the BIOS boot on an external display on the dock, only displays attached directly to the notebook. The help displayed on the right indicates that I should select one of these options:

Digital 1 on Dock

Digital 2 on Dock

However, neither one of these options is available in the list of options I can choose, only the 3 I mentioned above.


How do I get my T510 to boot on an external display attached to the dock?

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