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Display port to HDMI does not produce any audio when connected to TV


Yesterday I install the new version of NVIDIA Display Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit) - ThinkPad T410, T410i, T510, T510i, W510 - Version /  With this version I have no sound on my LG TV  but it worked great before. 


After updating to (windows 7 64bit), no audio is being forwarded through the displayport. I was listening music 5 minutes ago, after running system update and updating the video drivers, video still works through displayport but no audio. When displayport cable is attached the extra playback device does not show up at all. 


Is there a way i can get this rectified? 


Based on engineering's feedback, Nvidia notes that the driver corrects a prior bug that affected the accuracy of identifying different interface dongles - DP to VGA, DP to HDMI, etc.  It detects the dongle as a DP->DVI dongle rather than DP->HDMI dongle. 


Following additional testing based on our inquiries, Nvidia confirms the new driver is working as designed and will correctly identify adapters.   I realize that some members of the forum have adapters that will not provide sound when used with the updated drivers and actually benefited by the functionality quirk of the older drivers.

A tip has been released by Lenovo engineering that summarizes the situation: -> Tip

This is the Lenovo recommended dongle


This is the Nvidia recommended dongle


If you would prefer not to purchase this dongle in favor of another dongle you were already using with the older driver,  you can revert to the prior drivers - this is covered in the community knowledge base article here: DP->HDMI Article

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