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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Displayport HDMI no Audio



Is there a chance we will have a solution before our laptops reach EOL? Smiley Sad

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Re: Displayport HDMI no Audio

i think we are barking at the wrong tree. we should go and ask nvidia to solve the problem not lenovo :\
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Re: Displayport HDMI no Audio

what's weird is that i bought this cable when the laptop was new, and hooked it up to a TV, and it all worked fine. some subsequent driver update disabled it.

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Re: Displayport HDMI no Audio


Nvidia has provided a list of compatible dongle which will work with the latest drivers.

List provided by them includes the one they are selling in their store.

The other one which is confirmed working by engineering is the one Lenovo is selling in the

Am currently requesting the team to ask Nvidia for a more compatible driver. I will post back once they have revert with Nvidia's decision or the team's decision.

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Re: Displayport HDMI no Audio

Thanks for the news and the effort on our part, Jamez!  I ordered, and received today, the Nvidia/BizTalk DisplayPort<-->HDMI dongle.


I am pleased to report that when connected to my Samsung HDTV via HDMI, the TV shows up as an audio device in the sound applet in Windows 7 Control Panel.  Selecting it does send sound to the TV.  I don't know why the similar dongle I bought from Monoprice doesn't properly get detected as supporting audio, but perhaps it is because that dongle isn't marked as supporting DisplayPort ++ (dual mode).


Disclaimer:  I am running the latest Nvida "Verde" Quadro NVS 3100M notebook reference driver, version 266.58 from the Nvidia website, not the older, official Lenovo ThinkPad-tweaked version (257.38) of the driver.  Your experience may vary with the older driver.

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Re: Displayport HDMI no Audio

[ Edited ]

Hello All,

Based on engineering's feedback, Nvidia notes that the driver corrects a prior bug that affected the accuracy of identifying different interface dongles - DP to VGA, DP to HDMI, etc.  It detects the dongle as a DP->DVI dongle rather than DP->HDMI dongle.  Following additional testing based on our inquiries, Nvidia confirms the new driver is working as designed and will correctly identify adapters.    I realize that some members of the forum have adapters that will not provide sound when used with the updated drivers and actually benefited by the functionality quirk of the older drivers.

A tip has been released by Lenovo engineering that summarizes the situation: -> Tip

This is the Lenovo recommended dongle


This is the Nvidia recommended dongle


If you would prefer not to purchase this dongle in favor of another dongle you were already using with the older driver,  you can revert to the prior drivers - this is covered in the community KB article here: DP->HDMI Article


Please note that by reverting to previous driver, your Windows Aero might not work properly with 4GB of RAM as this was one of the issues that was addressed by the new driver.



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Re: Displayport HDMI no Audio

The driver is for XP...its counter part for Windows 7 64-bit is what I use.  These drivers are the same ones people are using since late 2010.


I can see HDMI but cannot choose it in SmartAudio. The issue is still unsolved.


Also, how about providing DVI-to-HDMI cable that works...that is what I would prefer over a HDMI cable PLUS a dongle converter.

Blue Screen Again
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nVidia NVS 3100M DP HMDI Audio Fix Win7 64 Solution

For all with audio issues over HDMI on Win7 64bit, please try this:


The issue seems to be in driver versions v8.17.... of the NVS 3100M.




1. In Device Manager, uninstall your current NVS3100M driver and, when asked, delete all files associated with it. Laptop will revert back to generic VGA driver. You can adjust to 1280 res after reboot to make things a little more comfortable to read.


2. Install v8.16.11.8955 driver for the NVS3100M:


3. Reboot for good measure... connect DP to HDMI to TV, you should get pic immediately. If not, use Fn+F7 to duplicate display. Then Fn+F6 to bring the audio applet, click more audio options double click on HDMI icon,you should have a green checkbox. Open audio mixer and verify audio coming from HDMI device. Also, in audio playback devices you should see the HD Audio device as connected.


4. Enjoy!



  • Integration testing performed on a T410 purchased 4/2010 starting with factory restore, ending with 100% Winupdates installed including SP1.
  • Conexant Audio driver v4.95.43.50 as available on the current driver matrix as of this post is compatible.
  • File above installs nVidia HD Audio v1.0.9.1, current is Your current driver may prevail, it's ok. If you wish to use the newest version of the HD Audio driver, you can install the lastest nvidia driver v8.17 from the matrix, which will break your hdmi audio, and then rollback the video driver back to v8.16 from devman.
  • For 32bit systems, you will need to find the appropriate versions of the v8.16 drivers.


I am not sure how a company like Lenovo can go on like this. Simple integration testing discovers these issues.


Hope this helps.



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Re: nVidia NVS 3100M DP HMDI Audio Fix Win7 64 Solution

Way to double post. The blame does not fall on Lenovo here; it's clearly an issue with NVidia's drivers. JameZ had already posted the solution three days ago here:

The Knowledge Base article can be found here.
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Re: nVidia NVS 3100M DP HMDI Audio Fix Win7 64 Solution


ColonelONeill wrote:
Way to double post.

Not anymore ;p



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