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Re: nVidia NVS 3100M DP HMDI Audio Fix Win7 64 Solution


Sorry I missed that out, it could be caused you are using Optimus machine as stated in your previous post. I am not sure if there are any compatible DP -> HDMI cable rather than using a dongle.

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Re: nVidia NVS 3100M DP HMDI Audio Fix Win7 64 Solution

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If you care to try one alternative way to install the driver... here it is. This procedure may bypass a hardware check that the setup program has apparently built in causing your install failure. Worth a try I think.


1. Under devman, uninstall current NVS driver, ok to remove files, reboot and make sure your driver coming back from the reboot is VGA Compatible standard Windows driver. Change resolution to 1200x800 if you wish for better readability.


2. Start the install process of the 8955 driver and note the location where the driver decompresses the files, default is C:\DRIVERS\WIN\VIDEO.... Let the install process abort as you mentioned in earlier post.


3. In devman, under Display Adapters, right click on Standard VGA Adapter, click Update Driver Software, Click Browse Computer for Driver, click Browse, point path to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\VIDEO and check Include Subfolders, click Next and follow the wizard to finish.


I am not sure what problems were fixed from 8955, I am running it right now, and frankly I like it better. In fact, I am experiencing erratic brightness controls when I install latest NVS driver. Brightness at low levels jump 2 or 3 steps when using Fn+Home/End keys...


If you decide to try, let us know. Good luck.





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Re: Displayport HDMI no Audio

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JameZ wrote:

This is the Lenovo recommended dongle


This is the Nvidia recommended dongle

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