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Dock 4338 vs 433810U for T520

I love my new T520! I purchased a docking station that is model 4338 (FRU part 45M2490 and PN 45N5888). The problem I'm having is that the T520 when docked rocks slightly - the front left edge of the laptop is raised up about 1/8 inch so when I type, the laptop moves slightly up and down.

According to the Lenovo web site, the part numbers translate to a 433810U, which should work for a T520. I'm wondering since this dock doesn't show 433810U as the part number that maybe it was manufactured for the T510's and that there may be a slight difference in the T520 causing the laptop not to sit squarely on the desk.

Does anyone have a T520 with the 4338 and have you experienced this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Dock 4338 vs 433810U for T520

T510 and T520 uses the same chassis design, there are few different docking station models that differs by the power adapter type. The actual dock is the same.

I am not sure why it should raise up that much, maybe talk to the Lenovo customer service and see what it can be done.

Jin Li

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I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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Re: Dock 4338 vs 433810U for T520



I, too, have seen online (from Lenovo) that it uses the same dock, which I also have the same as you.  But as a T520 owner with the same dock, I'm wondering if you can answer a quick question for me:  Do you have the discrete (NVidia) graphics option and if so, does the ESATA port on the dock work?!?!?  From all I read the T520's without discrete graphics do not come with the ESATA port on the body, yet I'm hoping that I can buy a T520 and use my dock to get the ESATA connectivity without having to get the discrete graphics.  Can you help me with any info?  Thanks ever so much.

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