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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Docked T430 - will not detect external keyboard at boot

I think I have a related problem and found the reason:

Problem: T430s in MiniDock with external monitor and USB-keyboard attached.

After docking in my Thinkpad I switch it on and it is possible to input the power-on-password.

After boot Win 7 Prof. 64 and shutdown I switch it on again, but cannot input my power-on-password.

This problem was reproduced on different docking-stations (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0), with several keyboards (different manufacturers) und different T430s. It was very strange, because the problem seemed to occur only in two rooms, in other rooms not.

So after half a day of experimenting I found out: The problem depends of the monitor!!! (No Joke).

Some monitors attached to the DVI-Port cause this problem, some others don't. I can reproduce it and I can tell you definitely: it does occur with monitor models "ASUS VW220T" and "LG L1953TS", but not with "ASUS VW222U", "LG E2210", "HP LA2205wg".

Hope this will help others.

What's DOS?
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Docked T430s - will not detect external keyboard and mouse at boot

I have reinstalled the OS in my T430s hard drive, updated all the drivers and BIOS. But the T430s still can't recognize the keyboard and mouse that are connected to the docking station. Lenovo software suport will only help if I buy their software support service. I don't feel like paying them. I have tried all the suggestions posted on here but futile. Any suggestion wil be appreciated. Thank you.

Paper Tape
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Re: Docked T430s - will not detect external keyboard and mouse at boot

I followed the steps detailed on the lenovo support page and it worked for me try it and see if it works.


TL;DR version is basically

1. click the eject button with a one next to it.

2. wait for light to show that its safe to undock.

3. undock.

4. redock.

5. install drivers as prompted including dock drivers.


Job done. this worked for me (advanced dock+T400) and it should work for you too.

Lenovo posted a fix for this problem so your not the only one to have encoutered it just try hot swapping the laptop and see if it prompts a driver install I dont believe with Lenovo's reputation that they would make these devices without finding any and possible all issues without finding a fix for them.

Best of luck and I hope you manage to get it sorted.

Paper Tape
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Re: Docked T430 - will not detect external keyboard at boot

We have 40 to 50 T440, T450 at my location all using the Lenovo Basic Dock and they all have this issue. So far I have not found any effort by Lenovo to fix this issue over the last 12 to 18 months. It seems to me it is a firmware update the docking stations need to fix this issue. When this is being resolved they could also give the monitor going blank or connection signal lost (is not as prevailent as the USB issue) also a fix. They could also work on the laptop locking up when docked issue also (also not as prevailent) a fix. In the long run as with many things when the Chinese buy an American product it will inherently decrease in quality and dependability as they try to reduce the cost to manufacture by swapping quality parts for inferior parts. I am working on having our company (3 billion dollars strong 5000 + users to a more dependable brand. I will keep looking to see if a firmware update is released.



What's DOS?
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Re: Docked T430 - will not detect external keyboard at boot

We have the same problem and then some with W540's and Advanced Docks.  After having bought and used Thinkpads since the 600X, the next laptops we buy probably won't be Lenovo.  I feel that the quality has really dropped since Lenovo took over full design of the Thinkpad series. 

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Re: Docked T430 - will not detect external keyboard at boot

Just to add mine to the list: a ThinkPad Yoga 12 with OneLink dock, external compact Lenovo USB keyboard and mouse connected to the dock via Dell monitor. On wake or boot, the keyboard is often unresponsive. Briefly unplugging the microUSB cable from the keyboard and reconnecting fixes the problem. Somehow it seems like scanning for new devices is incomplete, or polled too infrequently. Not the end of the world, but annoying.

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