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Fanfold Paper
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Doubt about my new refurbished T450s

So I have bought a T450s which have good reviews and I got it cheaply. Though I have some doubts, which some of you might have something to say about:


1) I ran a battery report. It says both batteries - the internal and the standard replaceable - are at about 18 wh max capacity while both are build for 24 wh capacity. It is my plan to replace the one battery with a 6 cell anyway since I want as much battery life as possible. 

Should I expect the internal battery to decline fast from here or will it live for quite some time?

If/when it dies is it worth it in time and money to replace it myself?


2) When I first started up the machine the speakers had horrible sound quality - sound was scratching. I had just unpacked it, so the machine was very cold from the transportation and battery was almost dead on both batteries.

Should I worry about this or just assume the cold/low battery caused the weird sound?


3) The trackpad surface seems weird to me. I have a W520 where I really like the trackpad, but on this one it feels like a kitchen table with flour on it. 
Of course I might get used to it over time, but are there any easy fixes change this?

Other than this its a fine machine and it's really light for me being used to the W520. Hope to hear some inputs

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Re: Doubt about my new refurbished T450s

On #1:

I bought a (new not refurb) T480 only 6-months ago and the two batteries are already  below design capacity - on by 15%,

the other by about 20%.  So, while I find it disappointing that the capacity is dropping off so quickly,....

your 18 vs. 24 doesn't seem out of line. I'm not sure how fast they will decline from here.


If the speakers sound OK now after warming up I would not be concerned.

When cold the cones of the speakers loose flexability.


I can't help with the trackpad question.


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Re: Doubt about my new refurbished T450s

my new refurbished T450s


It's either new OR refurbished. It can't be both. If it's refurbished then it's probably second-hand, perhaps coming off a 3-year lease. Whoever refurbished it should have checked it out thoroughly and replaced any parts that are defective, worn, damaged, etc. Unfortunately not all companies who sell "refurbished" systems do a good job of actually refurbishing them.


Who did you buy the T450s from? What sort of warranty did they provide?


Some companies that refurbish systems don't replace the battery unless it's heavily worn. Others replace the battery if it's less than 75% or 80% of design capacity. Do you recall what percentage of design capacity the batteries were when you first got the system?


The T450s is now several years old and no longer manufactured. Presumably the same applies to compatible batteries. It's not unusual even for new batteries to lose some of their design capacity during storage, but not to the extent you report.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Doubt about my new refurbished T450s

Thanks for your answers. Since the speakers were very cold when I booted up the first time and the sound has been fine since, I'll just wait and see for now.


It's refurbished, but new to me Smiley Wink They sell it with 1 year warranty and just guarantee that the battery can provide at least 1 hour of runtime. So that's fair to me as they state it directly on the website. And as I'll buy a 6cell battery anyway it's mostly the internal battery I care about.



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