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Drivers for T510 (Windows 7 x64)

Is there a single  package for all the drivers for ThinkPad T510. So Annoying that after a clean Install of Win 7 I am unable to find the drivers and laptop didn't even came with any disk or driver cd for installation or backup!


I am thinking to return the machine as it's with the warranty to return and refund. How on earth they can send machine without the Drivers CD??!

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Re: Drivers for T510 (Windows 7 x64)

ThinkPads haven't had installation discs, (for the pre-installed OS), in the box for about 10 years. It's pretty standard practice today as nearly all systems work with a service partition and allow the user to create their own recovery discs.


In order to get drivers for your system you can use ThinkVantage System Update or visit the T510 Driver Matrice.


If you haven't already formatted your drive, you could copy the C:\SWTOOLS folder to another medium. It contains all drivers and preinstalled Apps for your system.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Drivers for T510 (Windows 7 x64)

I've got a question since you've mentioned the swtools folder.  Is this simply a storage folder or is anything run from within it?  If the former, I would like to move it out of my root directory.


I also have swsetup, which looks to be a synaptics driver setup folder and swshare, which has stuff that looks related to Lenovo Registry Monitor.  The folder was created on 4/11 and the newest file date is also 4/11, so it doesn't look very active.


Can all of this be moved?



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Re: Drivers for T510 (Windows 7 x64)



I have the same problem as above - i have a new T510 (4349) bought without an operation system and have installed a full version of windows 7 without partition! I have now installed my specific wifi driver from the Driver Matrice as suggested and the ThinkVantage software. The problem is, i still don't have a web connection so have been transfering files via a stick, and ThinkVantage updates require web access. Does anyone have a suggestion on the quickest way of restoring all drivers? Or a list of the ones i need. It would be handy if i could find someone with the same laptop and copy their C:\SWTOOLS folder. I'm guessing if i restore everything to factory setting the Drivers won't just reappear? 


Any tips much appreciate!


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