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What's DOS?
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Dual Digital Monitors T410 **SOLVED**

I'm using post success motivation to register just to share this with everyone including Levono Support in the US and UK.


I cracked it after 4 Hrs and 2 phone calls to Support.  Smiley Happy I know MANY folks have struggled with this so here goes..


Firstly read and follow the link for the T410s below this is VERY important - if you are using XP just use the display settings either in control panel or NVIDIA driver. I have XP and it was a doddle..


The key is to POWER OFF the monitors, DISCONNECT them from the docking station then boot and RECONNECT in the order given - Read the link it is well written. So for me one monitor had 2 connections 1x VGA and 1x DVI and the other had DP. The NVIDIA driver see's each connection as a separate monitor (for me monitor 3 is the DVI connection and Monitor 2 is the VGA port on the SAME monitor)


There must be some display port monitoring that needs to happen once the OS is up that triggers when you make the connection.


I'm using 2x Dell 2210 which come with DisplayPort, DVI and VGA. I'm using DP and DVI from the docking station to drive both monitors DP to one DVI to the other....  I did get some slight flicker on the DVI monitor so changed the refresh rate to 59 (from 60 only 2 options given) and that fixed that!!


That fuzzy VGA text rendering has GONE GONE GONE.


I'm not going to return to this post, too much work to do. If you have trouble, keep trying until it works, have the drivers for the graphics (NVIDIA) and monitors upto the latest version. I did this too.


Good luck hope this helps..


Admin edit - Links changed due to support site platform migration.   Thanks S1 for all the legwork.

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Re: Dual Digital Monitors T410 **SOLVED**

Hi S1,


I'm encountering the same issue wherein within the NVIDIA control panel, Windows XP actually detects both external monitors but only allows for one or the other (plus the laptop display). 


The link you had provided is broken and I would appreciate if you can point the steps out to me.  I only have two external monitors attached (Samsung and Dell), one through the DVI port and the other through the displayport (displayport to dvi adapter).


Many thanks.

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Re: Dual Digital Monitors T410 **SOLVED**

Hi alan and welcome to the forum!


Here's the new support link:-


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