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What's DOS?
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Dual Monitors T570


I've seen similar posts like this but not regarding the T570, my problem is that i can't use 2 external monitors. Both are connected by thunderbolt but only one be detected. The monitors can be detected individually, but not at the same time. 

I've tried;

- Updating Nvidia drivers

- Updating Intel graphics drivers

- Updating BIOS

- Looked for "Optimus" in Bios, not applicable to this model.

- The monitors are at the same update rate

- Searched for updates at lenovo, cant find anything



Paper Tape
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Re: Dual Monitors T570

I bought a wavlink UTA01D thunderbolt 3 to two displayport adaptor, but exactly as you described only one screen is working at a time while both screens are attached. If I detach the connector of the working screen, the other one starts to work almost immediately.I can repeat this procedure to get the other screen workin again. So both screens work individually and can work with the adaptor.


I tested my T570 using another HP thunderbolt /USB C docking station, and with that docking station the two external screens work immediately in combination with the internatl LCD screen. So the T570 can control two external screens using just one thunderbolt connection.


Testing the wavlink adaptor with a HP laptop, both screens work immediately as well. So actually the wavlink adaptor is working as well. Only the combination of the T570 and the wavlink adaptor is not working correctly.


Who knows what settings to change to get the wavlink adaptor to work with the T570?


I have an Intel HD graphics 620 graphics adaptor. All drivers are up to date as well as the firmware etc.

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