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Re: Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T430s

I just got this same error after a blue screen of dreath. Removing and reaseating the msata drive, which is my c drive, has no Effect. Nor does leaving out the batery. Laptop is effectively bricked.
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Re: Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T430s

Removing and reseating the SSD card may work sometimes, but you can try this before :
- remove the battery ;
- the battery being removed, press ten times the power button during one second each time ;
- press the power button again during thirty seconds ;
- connect the battery, and maybe your laptop will boot then normally.

This tip worked for me (on a X220, but the "error" is the same), and it is pretty easier than removing the keyboard, and so on...
This works probably because you need draining the whole electric power remaining in he machine's condensers.


This tip will not avoid that "error" to occur, but it allows the computer to start again in less than two minutes.


Let us hope mSata SSDs are going to be more compatible with the BIOS of the Lenovo laptops in the future...


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Re: Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T430s

This is not a Lenovo problem, it is a problem inherent in connectors and expecially edge connectors even if they are plated with gold as these are.


Gold certainly helps because it is a noble metal and does not oxcidize. But in an environment surrounded by plastics, a little known problem occurs which can cause a connector to fail. The plastic outgases organic compounds that deposit on the gold edge connectors, and if they are not gas tight, ultimately these deposits can cause the contact to fail.


This is why unplugging and replugging the card fixes the fault, essentially this manuver sort of cleans the contacts, although not very well.


A much better and long lasting procedure is as follows:


1) After removing the card, use a standard pink eraser (*not* the more modern plastic erasers) and very gently rub it over the gold contacts on both sides of the card. Make sure there is no esaser residue left on the card.


2) Use a standard contact cleaning fluid (available from CRC) which usually comes in spary cans and spray a little on a paper towel. Then use the dampened part of the towel to finish cleaing the contacts. Then dry them with an undampended part of the towel.


3) Finally find and use another CRC product, 2-26, which is designed to essentially protect electrical contacts from degredation in unfriendly environments. Don't know if it's available any more, but no doubt CRC has an equivalent product. This will protect both the male and female contacts as well.



I've used this procedure quite a few times and once on a very old piece of audio equipment built with switches whose contacts were silver plated. Unlike gold, silver readily tarnishes (oxcidizes) and these switches are especially prone to failure because of that. Even more so since they are used for low level switching, sometimes called dry switching.


That particular peice of equipment has been running flawlessly for at least 25 years since I did this.


I did this on my T530 and don't expect this problem to ever occur again.



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Re: Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T430s

I tried all the suggestions in the forum but unable to correct the problem e.g. reinserting the ssd, upgrading to the latest bios, cleaning the ssd etc.

What solved mine was, I return back to the old bios which before I experienced such error.

For now its not showing the error but I will wait if it will come again.

So the main issue is the bios for me when I update it, that was the time this 2101 error started.

I have T440p.

Let me know if you have any other solution.


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Re: Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T430s

I still don't know what the solution is (none has worked so far, including Express Cache, althouhg it reduces frequency...), but if you have bricked, one of these sequences work:

1. go to BIOS setting and disable or enable Safeboot under security tab. (it doesn't matter which, just choose the opposite option of what is currently selected). This works most of the time.

2. If above doesn't work, tinkering around other boot and secuity settings (I can't remember which but have played with TPM and anti-theft) often helps.

3. As last resort, change HDD settings from AHCI to compatibility mode. This resolves the issue permanently but sort of kills the purpose of having an SSD in the first place, esp. if you (like me) have an msata on a T430 which already offers half the speed of regular SATA. Once booted, you can go back and flip settings back to AHCI but you'd have to then boot Windows in Safe Mode initially (Windows keeps changing the key combinations for safe mode, and I can't remember if there's an effective way of triggering it at boot in Win 10. I swith to diagnostic boot from BIOS, switch on my machine, know SSD is now recognised, then get an error, restart the computer a couple of times... and on the third or fourth restart Windows 10 "automaticlally" figures out you must be having boot issues and offers you list of menus from which you choose advanced options, advanced boot options (or similar wording), it'll give you a list, press continue, it'll restart and list a few items, chose 4 for safeboot. Once in safeboot, let the computer idle for a few minutes and reboot normally.

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Re: Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T430s

Same issue on my T460s.  Lots of 2101 errors, especially coming out of hibernation, or after it sits idle for a while.  I updated BIOS, Lenovo drivers, removed the M.2 and cleaned the contacts, unchecked power management & disk sleep, wore garlic around my neck...everything I read.  I was getting that error, and some random BSOD's several times a day.


I was about to buy a new SSD M.2 and decided to take one more shot at cleaning.  This time I took a look with a loupe.  Look at this white corrosion bridging the contacts where the M.2 socket is soldered to the mobo.  Socket on the left is unused and there's a big difference.  I tried air - lots of it.  It didn't move it at all.  So its some corrosion, and its not on the contacts the M.2 touches.  I just sprayed contact cleaner on a toothbrush, and brushed it like your dentist tells you to brush.  It took several applications, but it now looks just like the un-used socket on the left.  I haven't had a 2101 for 4 days now.



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Re: Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T430s

Well, ^^that^^ was over a month ago. No 2101 errors, and no Unexpected_store_exception BSOD's. I felt like a genius.


They came back a couple weeks ago, now its several times per day. M.2 slot is still very clean. So now I saved an image and put it on a new SSD drive. This is a Samsung 256 with an NVMe interface (My T460s will go either SATA or NVMe...not true of all computers). If it's been a few months and I haven't posted back here, you might assume the new drive was the fix.

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Re: Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T430s

Thank that was really helpful. I haven't experienced this error for a month or so, but then I also didn't test it (changing certain bios settings always does the trick). Had a good look with loupe, lamp and mobile phone enlarger camera inside my connector. Maybe MSATA connectors are more hidden than M.2 (looked different from yours), and though I didn't obviously see any corrosion, there were numerous bits and flecks under the connector: there might have been some on it also, but I coldn't look well inside it. Anyway gave it a good scrubbing as you mentioned with a long bristeled brush and contact cleaner. Also cleaned contacts on the SSD. Re-installed. Switched on. Fine. Restarted in BIOS, changed smart-boot settings. This was one of the setttings that always triggered 2101 error. Rebooted. All good. This is great releif after years of annoyance, and seemingly such a simple soltion too! Thanks!

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