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Factory rescue and recovery disc usage

I figured I'd ask here before I get very, very angry.


My ThinkPad SL400 has experienced a massive failure.  I was able to rescue my documents, etc., but the boot software was corrupted and I needed to do a complete system restore.  I didn't have viable rescue and recovery discs and so paid $45 plus shipping to order a set of them from Lenovo.  They came with instructions, which I have followed.


Step 9 of their instructions states:


"When all of the data has been copied from the last disc in the set, a message is displayed prompting you to restart the computer.  Remove the disc and then click Yes.


Note: The remainder of the recovery process is fuly automated and no action is required by you.  the computer will restart into the Windows desktop several times and you might experience periods when no activity is apparent on the screen for several minutes at a time.  This is normal."


Unfortunately, that's not what happened.  When I rebooted the machine I got a message stating:


8206 - Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.


I've restarted the machine several times with no different answer.  I tried booting from the first two Rescue and Recovery discs they sent and neither worked to complete the boot process.  I tried changing the boot device to the hard drive and it didn't work.  I called Lenovo Technical Support and they told me that, even though I had JUST PURCHASED the discs, they would not answer my questions about how to use them.


I am feeling very much like I just poured $50+ down a rathole with a company that won't stand behind its products.


Hopefully you guys can give me some suggestions before I call my credit card company and ask them to remove the charge as a fraudulent purchase.

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Re: Factory rescue and recovery disc usage

You said the machine had a massive failure, it is possible that the hardware is damaged and needs repair. Without more information nobody can tell you for sure.

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Re: Factory rescue and recovery disc usage

So i guess you selected the optical drive to be the first one to boot in the boot up list?

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