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What's DOS?
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Fingerprint Reader Turns off



I hadn't run the Lenovo Device driver in a while, so I ran it and updated all of my software/devices.  Not sure if it's a coincidence, but now my finger print reader keeps turinging off.


By that I mean that there is no light on fingerprint reader.  When I launch the Fingerprint Software, then the light goes on and allows me to register/delete fingerprints.  As soon as I close the software, the light goes out.


If I try to open the password manager then I get:


"The requested operation requires fingerprint authentication, but the device is not installed.  Please make sure the device is connected and retry the operation."


Any thoughts?

Former Employee
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Re: Fingerprint Reader Turns off

Hello a222493,

Try going to Device Manager -> Biometric Devices -> Fingerprint reader -> Power Management -> Untick "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

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Re: Fingerprint Reader Turns off

I registered on this site for the exact same reason. Updated drivers and a whole boatload of issues came up on my computer. 


1) fingerprint reader is said to not be installed. It works for booting up the device but not for password manager. Power setting is such that it will not be turned off.


2) the sound buttons (up down and mute) sometimes do not work when watching a video. If I go to a different window without video they will work.


3) scroll button (red dot and middle button) changed to something that was really annoying where if you where on a link it would not scroll.



I rolledback to previous good state (using thinkpads built in software for this called Rescue and recovery i think) but issues where still there. So I again installed the drivers. The scroll is back to normal but 1 and 2 remain.... 




Any ideas?

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