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Users are unable to use some versions of the External Lenovo Fingerprint USB Keyboard to successfully authenticate Power-on or Hard Drive passwords.


When the fingerprint is swiped, the entry is validated, but then rejected as incorrect. Both Power-on or Hard Drive passwords may be affected when these features are enabled and passwords are required to allow the user access to the system. 


Enrollment and using the device for Windows-based passwords is not impacted, nor is using the integrated fingerprint reader.


ThinkPad T420/s/i, T520, W520, X220/t systems with versions of the External Lenovo Fingerprint USB Keyboard sold by Lenovo, produced before February, 2011 can be affected.


To know whether your USB fingerprint keyboard will work or not, refer to the label on the bottom of the external keyboard. Those keyboards with “Fru P/N” and/or “P/N” such as 57Y4780, 41R008, and 89P9000 will experience the issue with the affected systems. Those keyboards with “Fru P/N” and “P/N” starting with 03X, such as 03X8001, will not experience this issue.


As a work around, try authenticating using passwords rather than fingerprints, or use the fingerprint reader on the ThinkPad itself when using keyboards starting with 57Yxxxx part numbers.  


An update BIOS is being developed with a Fall 2011 release date that will provide the long term solution

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