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We've installed WIndows 7 Enterprise x64 on our T420's and X220's. The Hotkey and Communications Drivers are installed as well but when pressing any of the Function key combinations the menus fail to display. When I press Fn+F7 the screen will flash and it will change the output to Projector, Monitor+Projector and just Monitor but the menu doesn't appear. I used the latest Hotkey drivers that were just released yesterday.


I can also launch the Communications Utility Separately and the Fn+F6 options are set to display the menu. Any thoughts?


Thank you


Please check if you have the following software installed. You'll need them to enable the function key combos like Fn-F6 and Fn-F7.


1.  Power Management Driver (note this is different than Power Manager):

2.  Hotkey Features Integration

3.  Communications Utility


These packages can be download from the T420s driver matrix at:


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