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Blue Screen Again
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Fn key not working after swap ThinkPad T480

I have checked the follwing links - 

  1. T480-Function-keys-stopped-working - Tried updating windows , through Lenovo vantage and also directly downloading the installer 
  2. ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T - This has a fix for Windows 7 but I'm using Win10 so I wasn't sure if its safe to try it
  3. ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/Fn-Keys-and-Audio-Keys-not-working-after-updates - I don't have any options to roll back to previous versions


  1. I have swapped my Fn and L-ctrl keys and suddenly they stopped working. The problem is across OS (both Win10 and Ubuntu). Right now I am managing with R-Ctrl.
  2. Another strange phenomenon I noticed was that randomly the laptop keyboard maps to entirely different keys in the GRUB menu. I won't be able to use the arrow keys to choose the options. Though I would be able to use it seamlessly using an external keyboard.
  3. A similar thing happens in the Windows login screen. None of the laptop keys work in the password textbox. Strangely going to forgot password menu and then returning back solves the issue.
  4. I tried running the `xev` command in Ubuntu and checked the output and found that the OS was not even detecting the key presses .
  5. If I try to undo the swap (returning to the default config) then the entire keyboard layout changes to some random mapping.


I have uploaded my DxDiag output but if you are interested only on the keyboard details - 


+ Standard PS/2 Keyboard
| Matching Device ID: *PNP0303
| Service: i8042prt
| Driver: i8042prt.sys, 4/12/2018 05:03:52, 105984 bytes
| Driver: kbdclass.sys, 4/12/2018 05:03:52, 63904 bytes


I have also visited the local Lenovo service center but they were not able to properly diagonise the issue. Their only solution was to change the keyboard and since this was an international product they said that they couldn't find any replacement parts. I didn't expect such a irresponsible reply. 


In case you need more details, feel free to comment .


Lenovo Employee Rydeen
Lenovo Employee
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Re: Fn key not working after swap ThinkPad T480

Dear customer,

I'm curious what will happen when you set back the original Fn & left-Ctrl key mapping on your system w/ Windows?

If you will see nothing improved, I suspect keyboard H/W issue.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Fn key not working after swap ThinkPad T480

Sorry for the late reply. I tried changing the setting back. But now all the keys have been remapped. I dont think its just a H/W issue. I suspect some S/W problems also. The keyboard (except the fn key) works fine once it enters the OS . But during GRUB and Windows login screen it misbehaves.

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