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Hairline crack in keyboard bezel

I would like to share my experience with the customer support of LENOVO since now my Thinkpad T470, with a little more than 1 year of usage, has a beautiful hairline crack in the keyboard bezel.


A few days ago I found a very tiny hairline crack in the keyboard bezel of my T470. Call to the customer support of LENOVO to see how to get the problem solved and, a few days later, get this amazing answer from the ENGINEERING TEAM, yes Engineering, after sending only a single picture for analysis. The cover has broken from the inside. That's it, nothing more, the fault is your for stucking something in the hinge!!!


"Hello Raquel,

No known issues have been registered for this model.

Based on the image, the cover was broken from the inside (something stuck between hinge and KBD Bezel Cover). "





First, the model has no known issues. Engineering Team, please check Google, put hairline crack + Lenovo + Thinkpad and see the undocumented issues. Fantastic, please try to search in the forum. If your laptop doesn't return problems, please pick my defective laptop and see what I have in the keyboard, you can also use my browser to improve your search. Mine works perfectly. 


Second, this imaginary statement from an Engineering Team can only be understood as a form of conscious disclaimer of LENOVO not to assume the manufacturing defect of the equipment. Absolutely inadmissible and shameful behavior.


Third, it is incomprehensible how this statement can be made when the single image I have provided, and it is posted here, having not been asked for any more to date, clearly identifies only the hairline crack that appeared in the bezel and nothing more. The hinge is not visible from several angles and it is not possible to observe if the equipment suffered some external damage such as a fall, OR MAYBE A PENCIL STUCKED IN THE BACK OF THE HINGE. Nothing, absolutely no conclusion at all, except a magnificent hairline crack in the keyboard bezel.


Finally, the lack of concern of the Engineering Team of LENOVO in not having any curiosity in collecting the equipment, to open and to verify the reason of the appearance of the hairline crack.


Fortunately, I have found the solution to my problem. I will keep faithful to the brands that always treat me well, this was my first Lenovo equipment and will be the last. LENOVO never again, if you take care of professional users like this, poor domestic users!!!

I was quite happy with DELL and Asus, even with Apple, why did I changed? I really don’t know, but I can always go back. Thank you Lenovo for opening my eyes.


Unfortunately, Lenovo didn’t find the solution for their problem. Next time I suggest to pick and return the laptop with a new keyboard bezel. The cost? Doesn’t matter, you keep the customer happy and faithful.


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