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Hard Drive On ThinkPad T61/T500

2018-02-10, 3:57 AM

I have two identical (except for user-added programs and files) ThinkPad T61s. One stopped working, so I pulled the hard drive from it and seated it into the second one. It booted right up, no problems whatsoever. I've interchanged the hard drives multiple times with no issues but feel it's only a matter of time before the constant switching damages one of the drives or the working laptop. I decided to purchase another ThinkPad to prevent that and found a T500 minus the hard drive. Given I could swap hard drives in and out on the T61, I stupidly assumed if I seated one of the T61 hard drives into the T500, it too would boot with no problem and I'd have two working ThinkPads once again. Unfortunately during the boot, the BSCD made an appearance. I ran System Repair but it could not fix the issue. I removed that drive and seated the second T61 hard drive into the T500 and the same thing happened.


The T61 and T500 are very close to identical, but I'm guessing that they use very different drivers. Hence the BSOD. I don't want to format the T61 drive, but prefer to be able to boot from the T61 hard drive with all the files and settings on it intact.


I thought perhaps I could download and install the T500 drivers onto the T61 hard drive, then try booting the T500 again. Or maybe download the drivers to a flash drive and install them through SETUP (F2 or F12) without the hard drive, then reseating the T61 hard drive and attempt booting from it again.


Another thing I've noticed is that the COA on the bottom of the T500 indicates "Lenovo Singapore". Could that be the problem? I was told I should have no problem booting the T500 from the T61 hard drive, but that's   .a crock!


I've tried connecting the T61 hard drive to a working PC with a SATA/IDE cable but that too failed. I tried that with every hard drive I have and none have worked. I thought of booting from a system image of the T61 but suspect that if it won't boot from the hard drive, it won't boot to a system image disc. 


Is there any way possible I can boot the T500 from the T61 hard drive, keeping all my files, folders, and settings intact? Or should I bite the bullet and purchase a new blank hard drive and reinstall/transfer/migrate/move ALL the data, including Windows 7 Professional, on the T61 to the T500?


If I purchase a new hard drive for the T500 and reinstall Windows 7 Professional, would I be able to put the T61 hard drive into an enclosure and use it as an external drive, meaning would I be able to dual-boot and select which drive to boot up with?


I hope I've been articulate and detailed in my post, and I'd be most grateful for any suggestions and/or advice/tips. Don't hesitate to request clarification of any statements here; I'm starting to get confused myself.....


Many thanks!


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