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Paper Tape
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Help! Dead T400

My T400 stopped working last night. When I press the power On button, the indicator lights will come on as usual, and the hard drive will make some noise. But the screen never turns on, just remains black. The CPU fan does not seem to turn on.


If I remove the battery and run directly on AC adapter, the same sequence of events occur, but after awhile, it will shut itself off, then try to restart. It never actually turns the screen on.


Previously, the laptop was locking up randomly without forewarning while running graphic intensive applications. I believed this to be a problem with the drivers/system. However, I was never able to locate what was causing the issue. And I am a Comp Sci. student. Now it seems this was a symptom of hardware failure.


I have had this laptop only since October, and it has just been sitting on my living room table for most of the time. I have to say I am very disappointed it would break down so early, as I believed I was paying premium price for a product with high durability/lifetime. Luckily, I purchased an extended 3 years depot warranty.


Right now I have some important documents on the harddrive. I am wondering if it is allowed to remove the harddrive to do backup, without voiding my warranty?


And also, is there any miracle way for me to resolve this problem without bringing it to service?

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Re: Help! Dead T400


jahwag wrote:

Right now I have some important documents on the harddrive. I am wondering if it is allowed to remove the harddrive to do backup, without voiding my warranty?

Welcome to the forum!  Sorry to hear there's a problem, though/


Yes, the HDD is a customer replaceable unit (CRU), so it won't affect your warranty if you remove it.


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Help! Dead T400

I was told to do this when mine died... it didn't work for me... but it may for you. Remove the battery and unplug from AC. Press the power button 10 times, hold it for one second at one second intervals, on the 11th push, hold it down for 60+ seconds.
What's DOS?
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Re: Help! Dead T400

 The exact thing happened to me a couple weeks ago, it happened after I put the computer to sleep. I left it on sleep for a couple days and now it does not turn on. 

I think that it is a motherboard problem.

I feel your pain, they are sending me a box within the week.

What's DOS?
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o,oRe: Help! Dead T400


I have worked on several of these machines with a similar problem.  This may be too complicated.   I removed the palmrest and unconnected the clock/backup battery for about 15 minutes and plugged it back.   The machines booted up okay.  I tested the hard drive using the Bios hard drive tests and found no problems.


I also reseated the hard drive and the memory.

Paper Tape
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Re: o,oRe: Help! Dead T400

The above clock battery removal got me going after 2 days of trying everything. Thanks
What's DOS?
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Re: Help! Dead T400

This solution worked for me after my T400 suddenly went black.  No indicator lights, no sound, nothing, for two days.  Then I tried this, and it was like magic.  


My question is -- how can I keep the computer from going dead abruptly again?  Is it a question of overheating?  I did have a lot of windows open and programs running -- I was Skyping, too. 

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