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Paper Tape
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High DPC Latency spikes and audio stutter on T460s

Hello there!

I just bought a Thinkpad T460s for DJ and audio production purposes and I am having some latency issues I cannot resolve. While the overall latency as measured by the LatencyMon are generally low (well bellow 1ms), there as some spikes, approximately once or twice in a period of ten minutes causing audio dropouts and rather audible sound stutter making the laptop unsuitable for the work it is intended for. The LatencyMon suggest that the problem is caused by CPU throttling and I should search for a BIOS update. However the problem persists even with latest BIOS and drivers from Lenovo, and with Intel Speedstep disabled and the processor clocking constantly on 2.30Ghz. I should note that I have installed all the latest driver and BIOS updates from the Lenovo website, running on High Performance Power Plan (with all power saving options disabled). The drivers that are pointed from LatencyMon to cause the problem are mainly are ACPI.sys and Wdf01000.sys with latencies well above the desired 1ms area. The programm I am using for audio playback is Traktor Pro 2.11, with Native Instruments Audio 2 USB audio card using low latency ASIO drivers, and the machine is running Windows 10 64-Bit. 


Hope someone here can help, or had the same issues and fixed them. Even if someone from Lenovo support can suggest a BIOS version which would be good enough to do a rollback would be really helpfull.

Paper Tape
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Re: High DPC Latency spikes and audio stutter on T460s

Hopefully you have found a solution. I also experience latency with my t460s and P50 both running WIN7. I have found that updating all network drivers from the Intel site, especially for the AC-8260, have helped.

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