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What's DOS?
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How I fixed my dead Thinkpad T540p

I had put my laptop in my bag thinking it was on sleep, but it wasn't.


When I pulled it up several hours later, it was a little warm and the fan was running but the screen was black.


I turned it off on the power button and tried to turn it on again.


The keyboard light appeared and the fan started, but only black screen, and the computer gave 4x4 beeps. Then nothing.


Tried to turn on and off again and again with the same result.


Forth time or so the beeping stopped.


Tried to connect to an external display but no signal was passed so it wasn't "just" the laptop.


Tried to remove power cable and battery and hold down the power button for 30 secs, which some have reported to solve similar problems. Tried this multiple times with no luck.


Then I screwed free the lid inot the RAM and Harddrive on hte back of the laptop. I took my two RAM blocks out and put them back in. I took my Harddrive out and put it back in.


After this the computer started normally.


I am so relieved and wanted to pass this on so it might help others with a similar problem.

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: How I fixed my dead Thinkpad T540p



Thank you so much for coming back to share what you did!!!


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