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How do I setup multiple display for the ThinkPad T410s ?


How do I setup more than 2 multiple display / Extended desktop for the ThinkPad T410s? What is the maximum video output available?


The ThinkPad T410s is able to support up to 3 extra monitors as extended monitors however a docking station is needed in order to do so.


Do take note that the steps is for 1 VGA monitor and 2 DVI monitos, do not plug in the monitor cables into the docking station yet. If you have done so, please remove them.


Firstly ensure that the AC adapter is plugged in the docking station and all external monitor are turned off before plugging them into the dock.


  1. Turn on laptop via docking station power button.
  2. Wait for laptop to boot into Windows
  3. Once the laptop is in Windows, plug in the VGA connection to the docking station first. (do not turn on monitor)
  4. Then plug in both the DVI connection into the docking station. (do not turn on monitor)
  5. Once all 3 connections has been plugged in, press Fn + F7 to open the Windows Display Options Menu and choose "Extend".
  6. Once the options has been choosen, turn on all the 3 extended monitors.

If you are facing any issues even after the steps above has been done (issues such as monitor does not connect / incorrect screen resolution) do head to the link to read on the troubleshooting steps.

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