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I am still trying to get used to the new trackpad on the T431s. It is different from the normal standard touchpad/trackpad. Is there an easy way or tip to help with this?



The T431s was the first ThinkPad with the new touchpad or clickpad that integrates the functions of the independent trackpoint click buttons found on previous models, and the click buttons found below the touchpad on other models, into one larger surface that will register both clicks and touches.


Look for the red lines on the Trackpad as they show you the location of the buttons.

The left red line indicates the position of the left button while the right red line indicates the right, so click on the respective areas for navigation.




Since initial introduction, Lenovo has released a number of software, and firmware updates to improve the sensitivity, and ease of use of the new touchpad.   Please run system update, or visit and navigate to the driver section of your particular system and install the latest driver available.


A firmware update is available for some the first ThinkPads to ship with the new touchpad, including the T431s.  If available for your model, this should be installed as well.


After you have installed the latest drivers and rebooted your system, navigate to the control panel and open the mouse settings.  Next, open the ThinkPad tab.   If you are a touchpad only user, disable the trackpoint to avoid potential accidental pointer movement.  If you are trackpoint only user, disable the touchpad (uncheck it) and select larger button size on the right side.   Note the re-mapping of the click area.   The larger left button setting should be more comfortable for trackpoint users, while shifting the right click zone so that it is more natural to press with your thumb.



clickpad 1.png




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can you elaborate please?


is the right/left red line suppose to replace right/left button ?

i end up using an external mouse as most of the time clicking 'somewhere' on the pad results in opening menu (right-click action) rather than selecting (left click action). thx

T440 user.



lenovo has obviously put a lot of humour in this design - they decided to make us laugh for some months - i hope they realise that these jokes will cost them millions and become serious again and return to the professional design as they should


I use a mouse, i only use a pad if the mouse is not working which is outright rare