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How do I disable the "Browser Buttons" / Browser Keys


Browser Keys.jpg


  1. Navigate to the Lenovo Support Page to find the keyboard customizer utility
  2. It shows that the package is for Windows Vista however you are able to use the application in Windows 7 via following step provided. (This is unlikely to work with Windows XP)
  3. Download package 7kkd03ww.exe
  4. Once the download is completed double click and run it.
  5. After it has been extracted, you will be prompted an "error" asking if the application installed correctly.
  6. Click "Application installed correctly"
  7. Click Start
  8. At the search bar type following "C:\DRIVERS\WIN\KEYCUSTM"
  9. Double click on "Setup" file.
  10. Install the Keyboard Customizer Utility
  11. Once the installation is completed, you will get a "reboot" prompt. Reboot the laptop.
  12. After Windows has been booted up.
  13. Click Start and you will see Keyboard Customizer Utility
  14. Keyboard cus.JPG

  15. Once the application is open, click on "Key sensitivity" tab
  16. Uncheck "Enable Browser Keys"
  17. Click Apply.

Keyboard cus2.JPG








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