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I'm having some trouble with my T500 ThinkPad and want to contact service, but am not sure how I can find out the machine type and serial number to provide to support when I call because the sticker on the bottom of the laptop is faded so I don't know what the S/N is. I do have one number though: [serial removed] was what I copied down from it before it became faded. I dont know what to do now, so if you have any ideas, that'd be great.




Generally the label with type and serial information is found on the bottom of laptops and tablets and on the rear of desktop systems and on the back or along the edge of displays.   As noted by the question asked above, in some cases, the label may become worn.  To reduce / avoid this, the type / serial label was relocated to the battery compartment on some systems with removable batteries, along with the Win 7 COA.  As Win 8 does not have a COA lable, and print technologies for labels have improved, most current systems have the label on the bottom.


Some tablets may have the type and serial information label on the inside of memory door / SD card slot covers as was the case with the ThinkPad tablet type 1838/1839.


Here is a link to an article on the support site with examples of label locations for different model Lenovo systems.   If the system will not power up at all, finding the physical label is the best course of action when contacting service.


If the label is missing and the system will power up, there are several ways to easily find this information as it is written into the BIOS on the system board.



1) Command Prompt

Run an elevated command prompt, Enter the command "wmic bios get serialnumber" (without the quotations).



Boot to BIOS (press F1 on startup) and the model type and serial number will be listed.


3) Diagnostics - Lenovo Solution Center (LSC) or the prior Lenovo ThinkVantage toolbox.


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wmic bios get serialnumber  does not work !!!!

all your pages about how to find a serial number are disfunctuional !!! What a bed service


wmic bios get serialnumber in the command prompt worked for me! Thank you for the informational post Smiley Happy