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After doing some research, I discovered there is an 8GB partition reserved for hibernation to support the Intel Rapid Start (30 day Standby) technology. I'd like to turn this off but am not sure how to go about it. At this point I've checked the BIOS settings and it appears to be disbaled after i turned off the 30 day standby found in the Power options menu. However by doing this, it idid not recover the reserved 8GB of the Disc on the SSD.


Can someone provide guidance on the proper method for turning this off and recovering the reserved partition?  


The below instructions are for the advanced user who wants to recover the 8GB of SSD space that is taken up by the hibernation partition for the 30-day standby feature.  Before doing the below steps, I recommend taking a backup of your system and also creating the factory recovery media from drive Q:.  If you do not feel comfortable working in a command line, then I do not recommend continuing.


To delete the hibernation partition that is reserved for 30-day standby, you have to use DISKPART as follows (it cannot be deleted within Disk Management):

1.  open start menu and type DISKPART, press enter

2.  click "Yes" if the "User Account Control" dialog appears

3.  type "select disk system" into the DISKPART command prompt and press enter

4.  type "list part" into the DISKPART command prompt and press enter

5.  DISKPART will list all of the partitions that are on your SSD.  The hibernation partition is type "OEM" and Size "8 GB".  It will probably be Partition 4 but you should confirm this.

6.  type "select part XXX" into the DISKPART command prompt where XXX is the partition number of the hibernation partition that was identified in step 5.

7.  type "del part override" into the DISKPART command prompt

8.  you should see "DiskPart has successfully deleted the selected partition"



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