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Turning on USB in BIOS


  1. Press F1 when you boot up your ThinkPad
  2. Select Config --> USB --> check if "Always On USB" is [Enabled]
  3. In "Aways On USB Mode" you can choose "iPod or iPhone" / "BlackBerry" / "Others" / "Auto"
  4. Press ESC and save the settings

Turning on USB in Windows


  1. Once boot into Windows, Open Power Manager via ThinkVantage (Blue Button)
  2. In Power Manager, select "Global Power Settings"
  3. Tick "Enable Always On USB"
  4. Click Ok.


Do take note that you would need the "Yellow USB" port in order to charge your devices as the normal USB ports does not supply enough voltage.



The Lenovo Social blog has covered this and a Youtube clip is available for your viewing. (Link)


**The laptop would need to be plugged into the AC when laptop is turned off**


**To work without AC, the laptop would need to be in Standby Mode for the charging to work**

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