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Paper Tape
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I lament my thoughtless act of buying new thinkpad

(Think twice before spending money on anything from lenovo in Poland).

In January I bought brand new ThinkPad T450 with intel i5-5300U, 8GB of RAM, 3 years on-site warranty and great IPS full HD screen… apart of last thing. After starting it turned out that I have ordinary TN HD+ lcd. Shop offered partial cash back and I was happy thenceforth.


I needed laptop for PhD studies in mechanical engineering – major features that I did required form computer were: VGA out, 180 degree hinge, good battery life, full-size Ethernet socket and great keyboard with backlit.  I considered also Latitude E7450 but keyboard was really, deeply disappointing.


Almost half year of happily using computer later I noticed crack on side of LCD cover. Crack is very small – it is not visible in normal use, only when opening the lid. Laptop didn’t fell down, never been used in workshop, nothing has fallen on it, it was carried in suitable Benro backpack.


I thought “ok, stuff happens”. It wasn’t  my fault, because screen is fine, top side of cover is fine, bezel is fine. See attached photos of that crack – it started from edge of cover.


I didn’t expect that ThinkPad will be completely failure-free but if I pay two times more than for comparable non-business laptop I expect good support and warranty.


So I called “lenovo support”. Technician said that it has to be hinge fault and ask for photos. Then he rejected my complaint because it is “mechanical failure not covered by warranty”. I called them again and ask about hinge. They told me that I need to repair cover first (and pay for it) then call support for hinge repair.


In this case I have to wait at least 2 weeks for parts (lenovo don’t have needed parts in Poland) and I cannot use computer because broken cover can damage other parts as antennas, camera or LCD. Then I have to call support for repair hinges and I still cannot use laptop… you guessed – because bad hinge can broke cover and broken cover can damage other parts like antennas, and so on. I cannot pay for cover and expect to change hinge for free at once because they will not accept complaint on hinges until cover is repaired. Nonsense level over 99. This is how “lenovo support” in Poland works.


After all that I had a little talk with IT guy from company that I am working at. Most (let’s say 95%) of company computers are “think” series with on-site warranty. Rest of computers are old HP that aren’t broken yet.  It turned out that in my city (Zielona Góra) on-site warranty in reality does not work. Nearest service is ~90 miles (135km) away, in Poznań or in Berlin so they are doing only major malfunctions (mainboards, internal battery, etc.) on site. Minor repairs are made by our IT guy using parts sent by lenovo support.


In conclusion - how much it will cost me and what I will do with it?

Laptop was ~1600 USD (which is 215% of average polish wage), repair of screen cover is ~300 USD (200 for parts, 100 for work).


I decided that I will repair cover (~300 USD) and hinges (~50USD) at once paying from my own pocket. Then I will get rid of my ThinkPad and go for Dell. Maybe build quality is not as good but their support in Poland is really great – previously I had Acer, Toshiba, Asus, HP and finally Dell (in this exact order) so I have comparison. Similar issue happened to my father with Vostro 3450. Piece of plastic of screen cover fallen off and they just ask when someone can come to mount new part.


I am deeply disappointed by lenovo support service. Crack is definitely material defect – computer is too new to be broken by “abnormal lid opening” and crack is too small to be result of an impact (beside ThinkPad adverts shouts something about military spec toughness).

Punch Card
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Re: I lament my thoughtless act of buying new thinkpad

Yeah, I am not sold on the MilSpec either, not even close to the MilSpec of my HP Elitebook's. I have literally dropped my Elitebook off the corner of my couch probably 20 times, eventually bending the metal case just slightly, and everything has continued to work perfectly for almost 4 years. I doubt this t460p will take even one hit without disentegrating. I also much prefer the slide off cover of the HP, makes cleaning the fan area so much easier, not to mention the easy access to everything in there at a moments notice. I purchased the Lenovo because of the high ratings online, but so far have mixed feelings about my purchase, only time will tell if it will make the grade. At this point I doubt I will be making a change at work to Lenovo, I went from all Dell machines to all HP last time, this is Lenovos chance to wow far not so much.

Paper Tape
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Re: I lament my thoughtless act of buying new thinkpad

Bad thing is that I don't use laptop on couch or in bed. I don't carry it by corners or screen.

I use it for work at desk. None of my laptops have ever fallen... ok, once. I fell from stairs with a bag containing dell laptop. Nothing was broken except my tailbone.

I had HP and I was happy with it, but warranty support was similar to lenovo's. Maybe even worse (HP international world warranty does not cover Poland)

For entertainment i have HTPC and tablet and some cheap asus laptop.

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