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Fanfold Paper
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Re: IRQL_not_Less_Or_Equal T400

@Bravosix wrote:

Fixed. In the end this was down to a driver issue which we here have had to rewrite. A driver within the dongles software conflicts with Access Manager (even when Access Manager is not running, oh yes!)


If you have the same issue, then I am more than happy to get the driver sent to you. Please PM me if you require it.


Many thanks




Hi Bravosix,


Can you email to me the updated driver too? Thanks!

Paper Tape
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Re: IRQL_not_Less_Or_Equal T400

Hi any chance you can PM me with the driver too, i work for a Big Telecoms company in the UK and need to provide it to a customer experiencing this exact issue,


thanks in advance





Paper Tape
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Re: IRQL_not_Less_Or_Equal T400

on BT Mobile you could download and install the PC software from this page



This is ZTE’s own connection software and will have to be manually configured to work with our connection


I would recommend uninstalling the BT Connection Manager before installing the software from the link above


Once the program is installed click on the desktop icon called “Telsra Turbo Connection Manager”, click on the Cog (Settings), press Add


Config file name: BT Mobile

Dial Number: *99#

Select Use the following APN name


PressSmiley SurprisedK


Highlight “BT Mobile” in the list and click on “set as Default”


Then click on the world icon (Internet) and press “Connect”

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