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Punch Card
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IWS & notebooks from US

I am a little bit confused with regard to International warranty services. Does Lenovo provide IWS for notebooks, which you can configure and buy on us Is there any possibility how to find out a model type of notebook I have chosen to configure on this web? For example, I have found some links leading to the online compiler, where you can configure T61 with 3 years warranty on the basis and the compiler also provides more options than the "default" one. For the life of me I am not able to find corresponding compiler for notebooks I am interested in (T400 to be specific.) Thank you.

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Re: IWS & notebooks from US

Welcome to the forum!


None of the T400 machines currently offered on Lenovo's U.S. site wouldn't be eligible for warranty in Czech Republic.


Hope this helps.



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Punch Card
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Re: IWS & notebooks from US

Thank you for the welcome and post :-) 
Unfortunately Lenovo does not distribute required configuration of T400 in our country. So is the only way, how to buy T400 with IWS, to find it in configuration approaching the "dream-one" on alternative web? Do you know any commendable? Or is there another way? Thanks

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