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Intake Fan Placement on the T530 / L530



I have a Lenovo 3000 N500 at the moment. It's intake fan is on the top left of the bottom of the laptop. This is obstructed by my knee and even more by completely flat surfaces on which I sometimes place the computer while using it. Under load this causes the machine to overheat as it can't draw cool air in very well and therefore has to lower the speed of the CPU to compensate.


I'm thinking of upgrading to an L530 or  a T530.

I've looked at the PDF's manuals of these models online but it doesn't make the situation completely clear so I wondered if you guys could help me.

Could you tell me if these machines also have the intake fan on the bottom of the machine, or on the sides like the outtake one, and where it would seem it would be less likely to be blocked?


If you have knowledge of how this is also on the T420/520 series would also be useful as I may consider an a used machine.


Many thanks.

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Re: Intake Fan Placement on the T530 / L530

I believe the air intake and exhaust vents are both along the side of the case (at least that's so with my T430s.)


You can look at how any ThinkPad model is put together by downloading the Hardware Maintenance Manual for that model from Lenovo's website, e.g. HMM for ThinkPad T530, T530i, W530.

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