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Intel AC7260 PROset update/uninstall fails (T440s)

Short verison: I can't uninstall or update my Intel PROset/Wireless software from v 17.16.1. Looking for ideas.


Details: The Lenovo update utility informed me of a critical update to my Intel PROset software. I had v 17.16.1 installed and it wanted to install 18.something.  I let it run the update. The process stopped and sat inactive (no CPU / no disk activity) for ages. Upon reboot an Intel PROset app came up and reported that the installation was blocked because a newer version is installed. (Image below)  Control Panel reported TWO instances of Intel PROset/Wireless software installed: my original 17.16.1 and the 18.x new one. Trying to uninstall either one gave error that it could not be uninstalled. Used a  restore point to get rid of the 18.x.  However, now trying to uninstall the "IntelPROset Wireless Software" v17.16.1 brings up the Intel uninstall app, and it just sits there with no progress. The gears turn and nothing happens.



  • Have I run into versioning issues between Intel and Lenovo released versions of the software? (I don't even recall the history of what I have installed and where it came from.)
  • Are there any tricks to getting it to uninstall?
  • Was using the Lenovo System Update my big mistake?
  • Who should I trust for my Intel wireless drivers: Lenovo or Intel or Windows Update?

Between all the Intel and Lenovo junk installed it is bewildering to know what to ditch, what to ignore, and what to rely on!


Thanks in advance!



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