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Intel Turbo Memory on T500 - Upgrade to Driver Disables ReadyDrive

I have a T500 (2081-CTO) with Vista Business 64 SP1 and a 2GB Intel Turbo Memory module.  7200RPM Hitachi Drive HTS722016K9SA00.


As delivered with driver version 1.6, the Intel Turbo Memory Console showed both ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive checkboxes checkmarked (enabled).


Upon driver upgrade to (Via ThinkPad Update), the ReadyDrive checkbox is no longer checkmarked.  ReadyBoost remains checked.


I am able to manually add a checkmark, after which the utility tells me I need to immediately re-boot.  I do so, but, once re-booted, a check of the Console once again shows that ReadyDrive is NOT enabled.


Any ideas?


Possibly related:  The Hitachi hard drive spec sheet does not specify an SSD-like cache.  My understanding is the the drive comes with an 8MB cache, as most drives do.  However,the Device Manager properties tab for the drive shows a tab called NV Cache, which states that "This disk has 396MB of non-volatile cache and can help improve system performance.  If using this disk as a Hybrid Hard Disk is enabled..."


Well, I used gpedit.msc to make sure all the NV Cache policies are DISABLED. (Incredibly, the setting of DISABLED is supposed to ensure that the use of these technologies is actually ENABLED.  Thank you, Microsoft).


Where does this value of 396MB of cache come from?  Is that from the Intel Turbo Memory? I suspect the '396MB' value is actually hard-coded text in the dialog box.


Please pass the following feedback to the Intel engineers responsible for the Turbo Memory product:


1. The Console is a truly awful piece of software.  There is simply no usable feedback as to what's actually working.  You guys need to do better.  At least provide a button for a diagnostic check to "verify" than things are indeed working properly.


2. Why not allow the user to specify what portion of the 2GB of Turbo Memory to use for each of the ReadyDrive and ReadyBoost applications?


3. Forcing the update utility to not install the Dashboard module because the Turbo Memory module has less than 4GB is unconscionable.  2GB is plenty to enable the preference of one or two applications.


4. You guys should coordinate with Microsoft to provide some kind of benchmarks, and guidelines as to which of the solutions, ReadyBoost or ReadyDrive, would be more advantageous under a few given scenarios or harware configurations.


Thank you.


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