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Is T440s unable to power up with the fingerprint reader anymore?


Here's a little background before venturing into a discussion. For your info, older ThinkPads (older than T431s) are able to be powered up by using fingerprint reader.


Recently, I read an article that newer ThinkPads (after T431s) fitted with the fingerprint readers will not be able to authenticate to power on the machine. I really like this function and frequently use this in previous generations of the ThinkPads.


Can anyone confirm this as it seems strange to me that Lenovo would remove this function. 


With the upcoming generation of ThinkPads (T440, X240, etc), the fingerprint cannot be used to turn the PC on.  You can still use the fingerprint to replace BIOS/HDD passwords, but you cannot use it to turn the PC on as with previous ThinkPads.


The reason for this is that (AuthenTec) has been our long time partner has decided not sell PC fingerprint readers anymore. Hence, their parts have reached its end of life cycle.


The new supplier (Validity) does not currently have this feature though.There's no possibility this feature will be added later by software upgrade.  It is hardware feature that T440s does not have and never will have.

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bfavero On 2014-03-31, 18:28 PM



I find this frustrating. The single sign on no longer works either, since my T400s, which saved the time hitting C-A D. Apparently this scanner or software combination no longer permits single sign on. Why does not software seem to indicate SSO IS awavailable. I have spent several months trying to figure this out, almost at the point of reconsidering reinstalling the entire system. Lenovo was not very forth-coming with information for those of us who do use this.

jwooden On 2014-10-18, 9:17 AM

I have a T440s, just purchased about a month ago with Win8.1 pro.


Initally I COULD use the fingerprint reader to unlock the unit, unlock the hard drive, and log in to Windows all with one swipe at power on.


I can't figure out what changed, but I no longer get the prompt to swipe my finger @ power-on.


I can still log into windows with the reader, but now must use the KB for the power-on & HD passwords.  :-(


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