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Is WXGA+(1440x900)LED LCD coming to T500, if so can I change panels later myself????

I really like the t500 series, and wanted to buy it for few months but the did not have LED displays. But finally lenovo released the WXGA LED Smiley Happy, which is great except for low resolution Smiley Sad.  And for some reason t400 has the WXGA+ LED.


I talked to lenovo reps on the phone, but nobody can give a definite answer on if WXGA+ coming to T500.


So the question is:

If I buy t500 with WXGA LED LCD, and then lenovo releases WXGA+ LED LCD, Will I be able to purchase the display panel it self, and then install it into my laptop myself, or will it require changing other hardware component as well????



Or should I Just go for WSXGA+(1680×1050) TFT, w/ CCFL Backlight???






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Re: Is WXGA+(1440x900)LED LCD coming to T500, if so can I change panels later myself????

Welcome to the forum!


While I can't answer your question on if and when WXGA+ LCDs are coming to T500 series, there are a couple of other things that I can tell you:


a) By replacing the LCD by yourself you will void the warranty.


b) The cost of WXGA+ LCD in addition to T500 without one is likely to cost you a lotmore than a factory-configured T500 with the LCD that you want.


From my (not so modest) experience, most T models are always offered with more than one resolution, so I believe that you'll get to see WXGA+ on a T500...


Hope this helps.





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