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I was pretty excited when I received the T410i yesterday. But when I open the memory tray, I found something weird. Notice that there are two wires connect to nothing and fixed with a tape on the mobo!

I just wondering if this is normal for a brand new t401i, or should I return it as a defective product?


wireless wires.jpg





Those 2 wires are antennas for your optional WWAN card, which is not currently installed. The black rubber boots keep the antennas from shorting to any exposed contacts which is the critical part here. Tape just keeps them in place.  This is not a defect.


On the T500, the WWAN card and cables are under the keyboard so not as easy as the T410. There are screws on the bottom to release the palmrest and keyboard. If you are unsure, you should download the Hardware Maintenance Manual here:



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