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Blue Screen Again
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Issues with my T410s

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I've had this computer for a little over a year now, with issues cropping up here and there.  However, I have been traveling much more recently and have seen a huge uptick in these issues.  I have a T410s with switchable NVIDIA graphics and 2 years remaining on my warranty.


1.  Every time I unplug the laptop from the AC supply or plug it into the AC supply, the screen flickers on a black screen for a good 10-20, even 30 seconds before returning.  After the switch, oftentimes there will be an NVIDIA box showing the switch between Energy Saving and High Performance stuck on the screen that will not go away.


2.  If I am using the computer on battery power and hibernate it, and thereafter plug it into the AC supply and resume, the "Resuming Windows" screen pops up but afterwards the display goes completely black.  You can mash on the keyboard and hear beeps, so the computer is running, but the display does not show anything. 


3.  Oftentimes on battery power I am unable to change the brightness control - the computer simply will not respond to that function


4.  When running a video file, the computer starts to get unreasonably hot.  While attempting to run Starcraft II, the computer becomes a radiator and the FPS onscreen slows down to a crawl.  The Thinkpad Fan Control utility shows temperatures reaching upwards of 90 degrees celsius (!).


5.  When attempting to boot / resume the laptop, I have begun to receive a black screen that simply states "Fan Error."  After waiting for a couple hours, the laptop boots normally, but this is simply unacceptable.


Are any of these known issues with easy fixes or is my computer simply a lemon?   I am traveling internationally so figured I would post this first before returning to the U.S. and making a call to support.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you








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Re: Issues with my T410s

It sounds like a combination of some or all of the following:
1. Loose heatsink
2. Clogged fan
3. Dried/misapplied thermal paste
4. Outdated drivers
5. Windows corruption

4 is easy to fix; run System Update. 5 less so, but still possible (via clean install or restore to factory).

1, 2, and 3 require partial disassembly and a moderate amount of familiarity with the inside of a laptop. It also voids the warranty.

Since you are still in warranty, I'd call Lenovo first and see what they can do.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Issues with my T410s

Thank you for your reply.


Regarding drivers, I've been quite diligent using the thinkvantage toolbox to ensure all the drivers are completely updated. 


It seems as though this will necessitate a warranty call. 


After searching around, it seems others are having the overheating issue, I hope this isn't just endemic of the T410s model.  It effectively renders the laptop useless for anything that requires the 3D card.

Serial Port
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Re: Issues with my T410s

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I have owned my T410s for around 15 months and have not been affected by the problems you describe. My laptop has discrete graphics (as does a friend's T410s) and neither have difficulty switching between graphics cards. A healthy T410s is far from 'useless' Smiley Happy


The troubles you describe are not normal and should not be accepted as "normal working condition". I too would recommend contacting Lenovo to schedule a repair.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Issues with my T410s

Dear all,


I had the same issues with my T410s after having it for a year.

I made a warranty call and the fan was replaced.

It is not normal behaviour but I think it is a problem to which the T410s is susceptible.



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