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Issues with the T430

I am running the 64 bit version of Windows 8 on my T430.  I purchased the system with Windows 8 so I didn't upgrade.  I have two major issues.  The first being that when Windows tries to install updates it always fails and reverts back to the original settings.  The second being that for the WAN miniport I get the message that the device isn't working properly because Windows cannot install the drivers for the device, however when I look for drivers it says everything is up to date.  I've been having problems with my internet connection cutting out all the time and my guess its related to this.  If I trouble shoot the network connection I get it back but its not a permanent solution.  Any suggestions?  Thanks so much!

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Re: Issues with the T430

Hello canadianbelle,


I wouldn't let Windows update certain drivers this being one of them. The driver you are looking for is located on this link:


The proper drivers can be found located under the Networking: Wireless WAN, Wireless LAN and the Wired LAN tabs.

The drivers on here would need to be saved and then opened from your computer, at least this is what I would suggest. Sometimes running drivers from online does not download the full driver. Saving the driver first usually ensures the whole driver to be on your computer.

 The drivers you chose should be for Windows 8 and depending on what type of network you are connecting to it should be the WAN or LAN drivers.


Hope this helps,



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