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Blue Screen Again
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Key Positions

I love the huge Delete key on the keyboard, but the Ctrl key position on my T410 is not instinctive and different from every laptop and full-size keyboard I've ever used.


On future versions, I recommend that Lenovo position the Ctrl key on the bottom left corner of the keyboard.


And if I were making the decision, the huge Delete key would be on the very top right corner, as a mirror image of the Esc key.


Thank you. :-)


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Re: Key Positions

You can swap the Ctrl and Fn keys in BIOS. Hope this helps Smiley Happy
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Re: Key Positions

Hi Missouri_Roots,

Welcome to Lenovo forums.

Yes you can swap the Fn key with the Ctrl as advice as nevermore.

Just to share my own experience when I first use the T410 with the Fn key on the lower left, it was a bit weird at first and I kept making mistake when trying to copy paste items. However after a week or so, I find it quite easy to have the Fn key on the lower left as I could skip songs (most left and most right aarow key), turn on the ThinkLight when its dark.

Smiley Happy

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