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Token Ring
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Keyboard tape kits

Everytime we get a ticket for a T410 (Or similar model) keyboard failure we request a tape kit to be sent with the new keyboard.


This is what Lenovo sends us:


We've all seen these pictures before floating out there.  Why is Lenovo continually shipping tape kits like this?

How hard is it to put these in an evelope or simply put them in the same box a keyboard is shipped in?


Here's a novel idea: Send us an entire roll!


Seriously Lenovo, who do I need to talk to? We deal with scores of these keyboard issues every month.

It was funny to begin with, now it's just getting annoying.


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Re: Keyboard tape kits

Haha... that's hilarious. What is a keyboard tape kit used for, anyway?
Token Ring
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Re: Keyboard tape kits

The keyboard ribbon on the T410 gets pinched and creased on the internal laptop skeleton frame.

This results in the keyboard going haywire with sticky keys or multiple random keypress issues.

We put a piece of this tape Lenovo sends us over the sharp frame . Then another piece of tape on the ribbon of the new keyboard we have to order.
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Re: Keyboard tape kits

I'm sorry but this is an epic fail.

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Token Ring
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Re: Keyboard tape kits

Token Ring
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Re: Keyboard tape kits

Going to bump this if I may in hopes of getting an answer from Lenovo.

It would help streamline the process not to have to order a tape kit for every keyboard replacement.
Former Administrator
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Re: Keyboard tape kits



Thanks... I hear you.  


Agree that the box seems overkill... the challenge is that working with our current parts logistics partner, they seem to only be able to handle things a particular way in terms of box packaging rather than envelopes, etc.


It might have made sense to just add to every keyboard, but the keyboard P/Ns may span mulitple models that don't need this, and not every T410 needs this.  So, there would be waste adding the kit to every keyboard to eliminate the separate packaging for this FRU.


A lot of reasons for why things are they way they are, but agree that it makes us all collectively scratch our heads...


We can look at this again... 



Punch Card
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Re: Keyboard tape kits

Wow, One time I had to order a keyboard replacement for a Toshiba laptop (NOT FOR ME, I'M A LOYAL THINKPAD FAN!!!) and it came in a gigantic box I thought they sent me a new laptop instead. I had not much time to laugh because the shipment was more expensive than the keyboard itself.

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