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What's DOS?
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Keystroke suppression?

I just received a T420s which I bought mainly for its supposed keystroke noise suppression. However, I can't manage to enable it. In the ThinkVantage Communications Utility (v2.06) there’s a checkbox saying "Enable keystroke suppression" but I can’t detect any difference when the box is checked and unchecked. I’ve made audio recordings without seeing and hearing any difference, and I’ve made VoIP calls through GMail and Skype without hearing any difference at the receiving end when the box is checked and not.  Any suggestions to what I’m doing wrong, or is this feature actually not a real feature (merely marketing)?

Punch Card
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Re: Keystroke suppression?

The Lenovo marketing of this feature was in my opinion highly misleading.  I bought the T420 partly for its keyboard noise suppression, only to find out that it is a VOIP-only feature only after my purchase.  It is vaguely mentioned in so many places, without any mention of this restriction, that I thought it was based on destructive interference, which would be a really useful feature (although I can see how it would be hard to implement).


I just wanted to mention that I don't think it will work with your audio recordings, but should work to some effect with Skype.  I've read another user report that even when working, it doesn't work perfectly; you should hear some noise reduction but the occasional clickety-clack.

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