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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎07-06-2010
Location: US
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LCD went black and seemingly won't come back

I'm running a T410 with discrete graphics (NVIDIA 3100m). This morning I booted up the machine, saw it was starting and went off to make some coffee. Ten minutes later or so I came back to use it, but the LCD was completely black (not just the backlight having no/lower power; it's as if the machine were turned off). I can connect it to an external monitor, and from there I can see that the LCD still shows up and is 'working correctly' according to the Device Manager in Windows7. I rebooted a couple of times, and the LCD would occasionally come back for a few minutes, seemingly as good as new, and then go black again a few minutes later. I also tried rebooting into Linux with basically the same result - everything thinks it is working, but no power to the LCD.


Obviously I tried Fn-F7, thinking maybe it had gotten itself into a wrong video mode, but Windows claims it's duplicating the display on both my external monitor and the LCD.


Any ideas? Beyond the obvious one that the backlight or LCD connector cable have just completely died for some reason. Smiley Sad