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I recently purchased a T430u, and I can't get it to charge over 50%.


I had the Power Manager on my computer when I first got it but I can't find it on my computer anymore -  when I go into my Start menu, I see a few Lenovo apps: Lenovo Cloud Storage, Lenovo Experience, Lenovo Settings, Lenovo Companion, but Power Manager isn't there.

I went on Lenovo's website and downloaded it again (, installed it and restarted the computer, yet I still can't find the Power Manager anywhere on my computer .


There is no Lenovo Power Manager for Windows 8.  There is a discussion with a KnowledgeBase article here discussing how to change the settings for charging the battery using Windows 8 Power Manager.


Here is the official word on the ThinkVantage programs for Windows 8.  


Try changing the stop control and the stop percentage to 99.  


If this does not work, try reinstalling Lenovo Settings Dependency Package and the Power Management Driver, then reboot and go into Lenovo Settings to see this


NOTE:  This setting may not be available on all versions of the settings package and / or all Lenovo systems running Windows 8.




Choose the Always fully charge option.

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