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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo PM Device vs. Lenovo Power Manager

I was looking in my Device Manager the other day, when I noticed something odd: there were two devices related to Lenovo Power Management.

Device Manager 12_5_2018 9_57_53 PM.png

 Device Manager 12_5_2018 9_57_53 PM Cropped.png



I looked at the properties of both of them and this is what I found:Lenovo PM Device Properties 12_5_2018 9_58_50 PM.png


Lenovo Power Manager Properties 12_5_2018 9_59_21 PM.png


The first one, "Lenovo PM Driver", is the one that shows up for download on the support page for the Lenovo T430 as it matches the version number. I have no idea what the second one "Lenovo Power Manager" is, at nothing with its version number appears on the website at all. Does anyone know what the second one is and if should it be there?

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Re: Lenovo PM Device vs. Lenovo Power Manager

I do not know if it SHOULD be there or not BUT I show the same 2 drivers with the same 2 version numbers on my X1Y3.  By the way Lenovo Power Manager was installed by windows 10 Update not through Lenovo Vantage for me.  Looking at windows drivers update on my laptop I traced it to the below link.

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