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Lenovo Support???? What support????

So I purchased a new T470s in December. After a few months, started having intermitent wi-fi, keyboard, and WWAN issues. Created support ticket was relatively easy. Spent an hour on the phone and got the RMA. Thought to myself that was easy. Next day box showed up to ship laptop back. Told me I'd have it back in 7 days. 


Seven days later I go online and see it's listed as "Waiting on Customer". No big deal I thought, I'll call and straighten it out. After spending a total of 6 hours over the next 7 days trying to get in touch with someone at the Depot (an impossible task so I quickly learned), finally spoke a person. He asked me some more questions, and released the laptop from hold. A few days later I see that it is now in parts hold. Ok, I'm still patient, after several more days, we are now a long way off from seven days I originally was told. I'm still optimistic and wait it out. Finally on May 2nd my laptop showed up. It said it had a new keyboard, main board, and wifi module. I was thankful it was fixed, or so I've thought. Jump to two days later, and my wi-fi and WWAN are still intermittent at best. Running continuous pings to google and my wifi AP I have one time out from every four pings, which is enough to throughly anger Google Chrome and dramitcally kills any download speeds. 

So now I am torn, do I invest another month, and 10 plus hours of phone time for another repair, or do I bite the bullet and buy a new HP and count the Lenovo as a lesson learned....


To add insult to injury, all night tonight I use the laptop about ten minutes and it goes completely unresponsive requiring a forced power off. I've attached some screen shots of the network issues. Remind you that I have about 9 other wifi devices on my Comcast internet with appro 250mbps download speed. Capture.JPGMy pings to and my router.Speed.JPGMy Comcast speed test, I have a 250Mbps connection, usually hovers between 110 and 240Mbps

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