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Lenovo T410 Bluetooth Issue

Good day to all. 


I am an I.T Technician at my workplae (newly hired, close to 2 months now) and there is a Lenovo Laptop I have some trouble with. The owner made a request for a mouse. Before purchasing one, I talked to my I.T supervisor and he said he had one, a ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse. He asked me to try using mine on the laptop to see if it will work, to verify bluetooth capablities. While installing the driver, it asked to switch on the mouse, which did. I proceeded to look for the little bluetooth icon on the task bar in order to add the device, Said icon was not there. I then went on to searching for the bluetooth in the Start menu by typing in Bluetooth, which was what I did on my laptop (T530) when I did not see the icon.


After seeing the Bluetooth link on the Start menu, i clicked it but nothing happened, no window opened and no bluetooth icon on the taskbar. I searched again but instead I clicked the Send and Receive function, that opened but I could not use it, options were darkened. So I htought to myself, maybe, the Bluetooth Radio is off. I FN+F5 for to open the wireless radio setting and did see that the Bluetooth Radio was off. I switched it on and tried opening the bluetooth again but still nothing happened. I deceided to do a reboot to see if it would help. After logging in as administrator (by the way, all of what I said was done on the administrator profile) I FN+F5 again and shockingly, the Bluetooth radio was gone.


I then proceeded to download a driver for the bluetooth for the laptop. Cause i thought to myself maybe the driver has a problem. When installing the driver, the setup displayed a message stating that no bluetooth device was found on the laptop. After seeing this and being surprised again, I checked Device Manager and did not see any Bluetoothdisplay. This puzzled me cause I know I saw the Bluetooth Radio Option after i first FN+F5 and turned it on.

I was adviced by my supervisor to check the specific model for the laptop either behind or under it, then check the specs online to see if it does come with bluetooth. All what i found for T410 says it has Bluetooth. I then did a T410 2518 search and still saw bluetooth in the spec list. I then went further to add -AHU to what I type, T410 2518-AHU and i still saw bluetooth specs. 


Finally, I downloaded and installed Speccy and checked the networking features of the laptop where it did not show Bluetooth functionality. So I am here now, with a question: Does the Lenovo T410 2518-AHU S/N xxxxxxxx 10/10

laptop have Bluetooth capabilities? Thanks for the help.


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