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What's DOS?
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Lenovo T410 Wireless Issue

I've searched around for answers or solutions to the wireless problem with the Lenovo T410 and so far none of them have worked.


I started off by uninstalling Access Connections, but my wireless connections would still randomly disconnect.

After that, I reinstalled Access Connections and uninstall Intel PROset/Wireless tools. That completely killed my wireless and I couldn't connect to my home's network at all. 


I tried unticking the box that allows the wireless to shut off for power saving and that didn't do anything at all. (I did learn that changing the roaming aggressiveness of your wireless card turns it on again if it does disconnect though).


I've also recently found out that my wireless consistently turns off when I try and download/install iPhone OS4 through iTunes. The wireless turns off about 20 seconds into the download every single time. \


My wireless card is a Intel(R) Centrino(R) Ultimate-N 6300 AGN. If someone can explain how they can uninstall the PROset/Wireless Tools without completely bombing their wireless please do. Looking for any other options or solutions

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Re: Lenovo T410 Wireless Issue

Same issue here. T410 with the latest wireless drivers constantly drops the wireless connection. Currently using a 802.11a access point. Ive seen quite a few more similar threads scattered about the net with no real solution. Any insight would be appreciated. 

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo T410 Wireless Issue

I had exactly the same problem. I had a brand new T410 a few days ago.

The wireless connection would be randomly turned off, and Fn-F5 would bring up

a menu, but the button to turn it on did not work (click on it had no effect).

The only way was to disable and then enable the wifi card to turn it back on (or reboot).


But there is a solution, which worked  for me. It was due to a crappy driver.

The solution was to update to the latest  wireless

driver from Intel site. Google "intel wireless driver" or go to this page

I downloaded the latest version (posted Jul 2, 2010). To be sure,

I configured the wifi card to not allow computer to turn the device off under

power management tab. Now it stays on as it should.


I know what a pain it was. I hope this helps your situation as well.

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo T410 Wireless Issue

Forgot to mention my OS is Windows 7, and I downloaded the 64-bit version.
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Re: Lenovo T410 Wireless Issue

I just got a new T410 with intel 6200 wireless abgN running winXP sp3.

Loads of pb with wlan performance straight out of the box. No errors but LAN speed is all over the place wireless g and N to two different AP, LAN throughput can drop to nearly zero over periods of 10 30 seconds even though wirelessG 54mbs and wirelessN 300mbs reported and steady, even with AP only feet away.  Problem is on receive throughput.

I was at driver and did as above, used intel's driver ver, no real change in symptoms.

I just requested a new wireless card, I hope that is the pb as replacing the antennaes seems fairly major job, so return under warranty.  Not a good start

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo T410 Wireless Issue

I think I solved this. In the ThinkPad power manager advanced settings, make sure the wireless adapter is set for maximum performance on both battery and AC power. Also, in ThinkPad Access Connections, there is an advanced setting that controls whether or not the wireless adapter can be powered down when idle. Make sure that it is set NOT to be powered down. After I changed these settings, the problem went away.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo T410 Wireless Issue

I am one who also have the issues and I think I should share it with you guys... I have yet to solve the problem but hoping I can shed some light...


Mine is a T410, i5 2.53, nVidia & Intel Centrino Advance-N 6200 AGN wifi adaptor... running Lenovo's in-built recovery Win7 all the while


There are my experiences:-


1) After owning this machine for slightly above a year, I have done 4 times factory default restore, the interesting part is, i suffered the disconnection issues after I factory reset it on my 2nd and 4th time, my machine was ok with no disconnection on my 1st and 3rd restore. I don't know where have I gone wrong. Right now the disconnecting issues came back as I have just factory reset my machine last week again,


2) Since I am running Win7, I like to see some gadgets displaying on my desktop, one of them is the 'Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor' (lets call it boost monitor). What I noticed, whenever my connection drops, the 'boost monitor' will indicate a spike in the CPU speed when it it disconnects and will spike up again upon reconnection barely 2 to 3 seconds later. On both spikes, it will go up to 2.66Ghz. Do I make sense?


3) Tried to go to Device Manager and has unticked 'Allow the computer to turn off device to save power' but this won't help in the wireless disconnection issues.


Thanks for reading Smiley Happy

What's DOS?
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Re: Leno T410 Wireless Issue

Hello guys, just to bring this topic to life..


I also have same issue, OS is w7, security 802.1x WEP encryption, MS PEAP certificate used , tried everything suggested on in this thread, nothing helps!


Just couple of clients has this issue, other laptops, same brand same model connects fine.


Any other suggestion would be much appreciated!





What's DOS?
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Re: Leno T410 Wireless Issue

I've had the same issue 

If the fn + f5 keys dont work look at the front or the side of your lenovo you will see a wirless switch turn it on.

I have a T410 the switch is Located  to the right next to the sata port look closely a simple solution but gave me alot of headache

Punch Card
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Re: Leno T410 Wireless Issue

I have the problem too (T510, intermittent disconnects from the Internet).  Actually had Verizon replace the router and the FiOS ONT card in the cable interface.  Still had the problem.


My experience with EasyServ was very bad.  After some remote testing, they said send it in to have the wireless card replaced.  I specifically asked and the tech said I didn't need to send the hard disk with the machine.  Just got the machine back and they did nothing because they said the hard disk wasn't included.  After 35 minutes on hold waiting for a supervisor, they said I could take it to a local business partner to get it fixed rather than losing another week.


My drivers are the latest,

X301, M58p, and
about 250 more Thinkpads and 200 ThinkCentres

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