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Lenovo T410 does not power on due to keyboard / power button issue.

I have a Lenovo T410 which has been exhibiting keyboard issues (several keys have failed and I've been using an external keyboard).


It seems that the keyboard failure is affecting the powering up of the machine. Occasionally it will turn on, most of the time it will not.


I've submitted an eService request for this and the status is "Solution Provided" but the "SO Status (as shown on ICSS)" is "On Hold" "Order on hold, pending update" (per: ). This has been the case since the 28th of last month.


I've confirmed it is a keyboard failure by swapping a keyboard from a T420 (which, ironically, had a service request fulfilled fine around the same time).


I have two questions:


i) most urgently, is there *any* way I can power the machine on without using the keyboard?

ii) what do I do about the service request's "On Hold" status? this machine is out of action and key to our work.



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Re: Lenovo T410 does not power on due to keyboard / power button issue.

i) There are three ways to power on the laptop without the power button.

a) Use a dock.

b) Check under BIOS menu (if possible) under power, to see whether you have something called 'Power On with AC Attach' feature. If you do enable it, and save then exit. What this do, is that it will power on the laptop when you connect the power plug into the laptop.

c) remove the CMOS battery, and power on the laptop by attaching the power adapter to the laptop.


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